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The Konrad-Martin-Haus, or KMH for short, is a Catholic adult education centre. We offer seminars and courses in the area of general adult education. We are also a popular conference location situated in the winelands near Naumburg in the region of Sachsen-Anhalt in Germany.

Many of our seminar rooms offer easy access for people with disabilities and thanks to our up-to date equipment our groups can work in analog, digital and hybrid formats. We offer overnight stays and home cooked meals as part of our community orientated educational philosophy – living and learning under one roof.

Over the years we have developed an expertise in the field of community based adult education. We offer courses and process facilitation to empower ordinary citizens who want to take a more active part in expressing their needs and shaping their own communities.  Together with our network partners we support 

  • volunteers promoting reading for adults and children
  • volunteer-organized education for senior citizens
  • life-long learning for people with disabilities
  • democracy education for people with disabilities
  • community mental health.

Our strong community orientation, as well as the fact that we can offer accommodation and meals, make us an ideal location for Erasmus + events.

If you are interested in talking to us about a possible Erasmus+ visit or a partnership, please contact

Dr. Gisela Winkler, Gisela.winkler[at]

Our Erasmus + OID is: E 103 105 10

Erasmus+ News

Welcome Lithuania!

From 11 – 14 December 2023 we hosted a group of 15 librarians from Lithuania. They came from the Panevӗẑys region of the country and wanted to gain new ideas about community based education run by volunteers. Our institute developed the program for them – with some theoretical input and a lot of site visits. this way they could see practical examples of the educational principles underlying our work.

Together we visited a project for “senior learning” that has been run by senior citizens themselves for 30 years.

We also spent some time in the library and talked about their approach to educational partnerships, especially in the field of reading promotion. This project is run by a large group of volunteers and many were present to explain how they work.

The discussions also focused on the role of partners and networks in an open dialogic approach that helps to develop communities of knowledge.

The international visit was a very motivating and strengthening experience for all of us!

You will find the Lithuanian report if you follow the link.

Culture SIMPLY for everyone

In September 2023 we organised a KA1 mobility project for people with disabilities. Our aim was to travel to another European country and to explore a UNESCO world heritage site. How easy is it to have a cultural experience, if you are an adult with special needs? Where are the barriers? How can obstacles be overcome?

Our partner was the Salzburg Museum in Austria. Together with them we explored options for cultural inclusion. We also tested a product for them. After our trip we worked on a checklist for cultural inclusion. We translated the list into English. You are free to use it. You will find the list here.

We also produced a short film so you can share our experience. Please let us know what you think!

Write to gisela.winkler[at]

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